Bloodbath - _The Wacken Carnage_
(Peaceville, 2008)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
What do you get when you gather Akerfeldt, Nyström (a.k.a. Blackheim), Swanö, Renkse and Axenrot on a Wacken stage to play old school Swedish death metal? A bloody great live CD/DVD set, that's what. Bloodbath's _The Wacken Carnage_ is the supergroup's first live output, and if you believe what Akerfeldt says during the gig, then it might also be their last with the Opeth frontman -- and what a shame that would be. If any doubt remains after listening to the CD, the DVD will prove that not only were the fans won over by the performance, but the blood-soaked musicians were also apparently enjoying themselves.

From the buzzsaw guitar sound to the impeccable drums and powerful vocals, everything is just right on this live record. The quality of the songs on offer helps, of course, and every musician's skill is evidently far beyond reproach. My only doubt before hearing the record concerned the live sound quality, but it also turns out to be excellent. From "Cancer of the Soul", "So You Die" and "Soul Evisceration" to "Brave New Hell", "Furnace Funeral" and "Eaten", Bloodbath present the listener with a dozen tracks that epitomize live Swedish death metal excellence, all finely captured. Not to be missed.


(article published 13/7/2008)

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