Ebonmortis - _Reconstruction by Force_
(Rotting Corpse Records, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (3.5 out of 10)
This young band show a lot of potential due to the multitude of ideas hailing incessantly from everywhere and all the time on _Reconstruction by Force_. Ebonmortis throw into their musical cauldron every idea in the book of death metal they have encountered: thrash/death, melodic death metal, brutal death metal, doom-like slower parts, dual vocal approach, cookie monsters and other enchanting creatures. This overkill of ideas, of directions, makes this album ultimately stagnated and stale. _Reconstruction by Force_ is like a precious cargo hauled by many horses, each horse tries to pull the load toward a different direction, causing the cargo to both stay in place and risking an impending catastrophe. Such is _RbF_: it goes nowhere; you don't know whether these are Cannibal Corpse clones or rather Carcass copycats. Well, they are not clones par excellence, they have their own style(s) and bland identity, but if that identity means multiplicity of such, it results in the lack thereof. Ebonmortis fail at stitching all the seams of the different styles together, ultimately closing up not in one coherent musical vision, but rather a stammering, inflowing, anti-dynamic and fragmented album, that gives the listener a feeling as if it was written by a myriad of bands, none of which too engaging.

Contact: http://www.rottingcorpserecords.com/home.html

(article published 13/7/2008)

4/27/2008 A Erickson 5 Ebonmortis - Reconstruction by Force
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