C-T Prevail - _Mean Season_
(Morningstar Records, 2008)
by: Chaim Drishner (7.5 out of 10)
Far from your standard metalcore of today, _Mean Season_ is a powerful debut album. These Norwegian newcomers incorporate thrash metal and hardcore punk into their metallic musical agenda, balancing between nonchalant punk attitude and typical melodies, and those of the vitriolic and harsh thrashing attacks. Not as groovy and fun a crossover release as is Short Sharp Shock's self-titled debut, but nonetheless a powerful tour de force of thrashing, wild and almost hysterically angry hardcore, with a good sense of song writing. _Mean Season_ holds the listener's attention, does not fall into genre clich├ęs and becomes neither cheesy nor stale through to its end. This sort of raw and hateful metallic hardcore is seldom heard nowadays. On the scale ranging from DRI to Pro-Pain, this one is surely to be related to Pro-Pain's harshest yet catchiest moments.

Contact: http://www.ctprevail.com/main.htm

(article published 13/7/2008)

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