Transit - _Decent Man on a Desperate Moon_
(Karmakosmetix, 2008)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6 out of 10)
While I initially approached Transit's _Decent Man on a Desperate Moon_ as 'the other' In the Woods...-related Karmakosmetix release coming out at the same time (with Stille Opprör capturing most of my attention), I still could not ignore the fact that this is the main project of one Jan "Transit" Transeth, who used to be the ItW singer -- and a damn brilliant one at that.

_Decent Man on a Desperate Moon_ bears no similarity to Transeth's previous work. Opening track "Estrangeiro / New Man" starts off the record with a strong American country flavour, to the extent that it completely threw me off for a while. The album is not bad, once you adjust to it, but it's not especially remarkable either.

The best I can sum up _Decent Man on a Desperate Moon_ is as a rock album with a marked American country music influence on some tracks. Of course this is a far cry from Transeth's emotional vocal work in ItW, but I have no difficulty imagining that's precisely his intention here. Unfortunately this also removes much of what made his vocals special, and the rest of the music is really only curious for a while. The acoustic string work on the tranquil "Miller Song" elevates things somewhat for a while, but after a few spins there's not much to keep me coming back, and thus _Decent Man on a Desperate Moon_ fails to become the underdog who overcomes the odds; Stille Opprör is a wholly different project, but also one that for my taste is considerably more interesting.


(article published 13/7/2008)

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