Todesbonden - _Sleep Now, Quiet Forest_
(Prophecy, 2008)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7.5 out of 10)
Todesbonden is a new project featuring Laurie Ann Haus, who has previously worked with Rain Fell Within and Autumn Tears. _Sleep Now, Quiet Forest_, their debut full-length, ranges from somewhat standard female-fronted metal to various ethnic influences, from Eastern to Celtic. This isn't just a matter of elements flowing in and out of the songs, either: the full focus of each song can shift from metal to ethnic and back just as easily as they can mix the two.

More guitar soloing than usual is employed, and it too is combined with the ethnic elements, as well as violin and a lot of piano. Laurie Ann Haus also happens to be a very talented vocalist, and one who keeps her delivery varied enough to avoid seeming unidimensional -- she does everything from ethnic to operatic besides her standard singing in this album.

For some, all of this may result in a hodgepodge of unconnected influences, but for the most part I find Todesbonden's mixture works quite well. While it is certainly true that a vast array of ideas are given time here, in the end I feel the album is a little too long for its own good, as some of the compositions go on for longer than they are able to sustain this listener's interest. A stronger guitar and drum sound would also have helped some sections substantially, although I understand that is not the band's main focus. Nevertheless, there is a lot of good musicianship and quality material here for those interested in all things operatic and/or ethnic to sink their teeth into.


(article published 13/7/2008)

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