Stille Opprör - _S.o2_
(Karmakosmetix, 2008)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Spurred by an interesting sample track, it seemed the time was right to investigate what effect the passing of time and life had been having on some of the scattered ex-members of a band that was once very important to me: In the Woods..., arguably one of the most elusive yet talented acts in the Norwegian scene of the mid to late '90s.

While there were two releases coming out simultaneously on Karmakosmetix, which itself is tightly bound to ItW, it was Stille Opprör rather than Transit that caught my attention. This is the solo project of ex-ItW guitarist Christer André Cederberg, and _S.o2_, as the title may indicate, is Still Opprör's second outing. The album features guest vocals by ex-ItW vocalist Jan Transeth, but there is a considerable emphasis on sprawling instrumental passages. Pink Floyd and Anathema fans will find it easy to connect to the tranquil and emotional music on offer. The explorations that Cederberg embarks upon employ various different elements however, sometimes in a way that for some reason reminds me of latter day Ulver even if the music is really quite different.

Most of the songs are memorable without having to try too hard by hammering a chorus into the back of your mind. The general sound and flow of the album provides a very pleasant and mature listen throughout, with subtle but good background atmospheric work to bind it all together. "Meanwhile" and "Disquietude" are highlights, as is Jan Transeth's participation in the title track. Not having heard the first album, it is hard to predict where this project may be headed, but for the time being anyone with an interest in In the Woods..., Pink Floyd or Anathema should give this album a fair chance.


(article published 13/7/2008)

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