Deceased - _Fearless Undead Machines_
(Relapse, 1997)
by: Drew Snow (9 out of 10)
This is an -excellent- album. I've never heard any of Deceased's previous work (besides the few songs at their show, see live review), but this is just monumental, fantastic material! Combining the heaviness of old school death metal with some awesome melodic riffs reminiscent of some Swedes (at least to me), these four Virginians have put together a concept album based around the concept of the dead returning back to life and claiming innocent victims (I think these are called zombies?). Of course, this concept was inspired by B-movies such as "Dawn of the Dead", "City of the Living Dead", and "Messiah of Evil", among others listed in the booklet. The brilliant lyrics, although about an unoriginal topic, convey the terror and uncertainty of the people portrayed perfectly, and the beautiful music follows suit, ranging from the harsh death metal that Deceased has always been known for to slow melodic passages with majestic solos. All of this organized mayhem is interspersed with narration courtesy of vocalist/drummer King Fowley, and what I assume are excerpts from one or more of the above-mentioned movies and others. At sixty-eight minutes, _Fearless Undead Machines_ is an epic album full of epic music. The songs here go all over the place, and usually have all kinds of diverse sections totally different from the rest of the song. And so it is that, here in 1997, a band that is over ten years old have released an album which is at once both totally unexpected and totally awesome.

(article published 12/8/1997)

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