Bloodbath - _Unblessing the Purity_
(Peaceville, 2008)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8.5 out of 10)
Swedish death metal supergroup Bloodbath's debut EP for Peaceville shows this now Swanö-less amalgamation of Opeth and Katatonia members firmly focused on the more brutal side of their previous output. _Unblessing the Purity_ has a less old-school sounding buzzsaw guitar, and turns out to be somewhat faster, in some ways more brutal and less catchy than most of the material Bloodbath have become known for. Bloodbath can certainly deliver both variations equally well, and for all the catchy death metal numbers they've written over the years, this sharp and to the point EP delivers a welcome shot of energy and aggression without spending much time hammering that chorus into your head. While it may not be as old-school as its predecessor in some respects, that shouldn't be taken as a sign that progression or originality are to be expected: _UtP_ is still very much rooted to the death metal genre's traditions, it's just that they're approached somewhat differently than before. A pleasure, as always.


(article published 17/6/2008)

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