Overoth - _Death Personified_
(Rundown Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Not too long ago, the Ulster domiciled quartet released a demo, _Pathway to Demise_, and since then have signed with a label and released this, a six track EP. The EP contains several re-recorded demo songs -- Overoth can be forgiven for this as to say the production on _PtD_ was horrendous would be a gross understatement. Although the production is far from lucid, it no longer sounds like it was recorded on a tape deck in the bassist's bathroom, and the stronger sound allows for an incisive approach better suited for their brand of death metal. Occasionally, a Bay Area thrash melody surfaces, but for the most part they are a raw death metal band that is now revealed to be reasonably technical and fairly tight -- aspects which were probably true for the demo as well, now that the veil of noise has been pierced. The EP barely runs over fifteen minutes, but rather too short than too long. Time for the full-length.

Contact: http://www.overoth.com

(article published 22/6/2008)

3/22/2007 Q Kalis 2.5 Overoth - Pathway to Demise
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