In Arkadia - _Blind Oppression_
(Another Sphere Records, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
According to my dictionary, "arcadian" relates to an idyllic way of life or a synonym for serenity. I can't understand why at least two metal bands -- the other is Arcadia -- have names derived from this word. I can understand it as a favoured choice for ambient or some new age claptrap sold by women with unshaven armpits, but is wholly unsuitable for a metal band.

Moving on to the subject of this review, In Arkadia weave together related strands of thrash and death within a modern context, to provide a post-Gothenburg slab of melodic contemporary metal on this, their sophomore attempt. The production is acceptable, allowing melody rather than aggression to be the focus, although both are present in substantive quantities. Some metalcore elements are present and would not have been negatively affected by their omission; these are particularly noticeable on opener "Useless", which features the staccato riffing beloved by metalcore bands. There is an abrupt shift on the instrumental "Vengeance Dies With a Fallen Fate"; marked by strong melodies, good solos and varied tempos, it is one of the highlights of _Blind Oppression_. More melodic and accessible numbers such as "Dystopia" are also not without merit, and as a whole _Blind Oppression_ provides decent repeat listens.


(article published 22/6/2008)

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