Graveyard - _Graveyard_
(Transubstans Records / Record Heaven, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
I have grown to adore Record Heaven's catalogue of Swedish, '70s-inspired hard rock and metal -- a niche style, but who can argue against recent releases by Abramis Brahma, Burning Saviours, Lucifer Was and now Graveyard?

As with their labelmates, Graveyard seemingly believe that good music died in 1975 -- I doubt any members were even conceived at the time. Although improvements, including digitisation, mean that _Graveyard_ has a punchier sound than their influences, Graveyard do their best to achieve an analogue sound. _Graveyard_ is centred around impassioned vocals and infectious, blues-tinged riffs. I would not call Graveyard a psychedelic band, yet I can't help but feel that that is the aura that surrounds them, an image which is not helped by the elaborate, nightmarish cover picture. All the tracks are good with no filler present, but if a favourite had to be selected, it would have to be "Lost in Confusion", which possesses an enigmatic appeal.

I can only imagine that the members grew up in a household where Dad exposed them to vintage rock from a tender and impressionable age. He must have taught them well.


(article published 17/6/2008)

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