Highgate - _Untitled_
(Totalrust Music, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (4 out of 10)
_Untitled_ consists of just one gargantuan and (surprise, surprise) untitled track that falls just short of the 54-minute mark. Great if you're in the right frame of mind, totally annoying otherwise. It is tricky to sustain a song beyond five minutes, trickier still for it to last half an hour and still be interesting. Abruptum, Sleep and Sabbat, amongst others, have attempted this and all have failed [Are you dissing _Jerusalem_, bruv? -- Spoling For A Showdown Proofreader], resulting in a song that is highly repetitive and goes on for far too long, or more often, is simply a bunch of songs strung together through abrupt and forced segues. Highgate fall into the latter category; _Untitled_ is fairly varied, but that is due to combining what are really separate songs into one track, rather than an innate ability to sustain a melody for an hour.

_Untitled_ is primarily one of Totalrust's tortuous doom offerings, but with ambient and clean parts scattered throughout, even getting into a stoner groove halfway through. Divided up into several songs, this may have been worthwhile, but as one song it is simply one long bore. [An album that can be improved by the use of MP3 DirectCut; who'd a thunk it? -- Sleep-Deprived Proofreader Who Seems to Have Started Believing He's Being Possessed by the Spirit of Stan Lee]

Contact: http://www.totalrust-music.com

(article published 22/6/2008)

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