In Mourning - _Shrouded Divine_
(Aftermath, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
_Shrouded Divine_ is packed with resounding leads, low pitched growls, melancholic progressions -- is this sounding familiar? Yep, In Mourning are heavily inspired by Katatonia, whilst the vocals are bound to invite Opeth comparisons. It would be unfair to just dismiss them as a replica of either band, or even as a crude welding, as they manage to carve out their own niche in what is described as "progressive death metal". In Mourning don't shy away from complex breaks and some odd time signatures, but neither do they ignore other equally important pillars of heaviness and atmosphere.

In Mourning boast no less than three guitarists; together with a progressive bent, they ensure a remarkably solid sound. Acoustic passages and clean vocals are utilized, but the vocalist would be better off sticking to growls and screams or letting someone else get behind the mike. The drumming is more than adequate, but there are no blast beats and double bass is used only intermittently.

As with most great albums, _Shrouded Divine_ will require a few listens to truly appreciate, but it is well worth the effort, as little touches are picked up. For example, the opening riff of "Black Lodge" is repeated on "Past October Skies" (OK, this is not subtle, as it is subtitled "Black Lodge Revisited", but I'm sure you get the idea). An impressive debut from the newest entrants to Swedish darkness and melancholia.


(article published 17/6/2008)

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