Wall of Sleep - _And Hell Followed With Him_
(I Hate Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
Wall of Sleep have arisen from the ashes of Hungarian doom band Mood, who are apparently a 'cult' band, but Wall of Sleep are unlikely to be a recipient of this accolade even if it is tossed around way too loosely these days. This is not only because of their rather ordinary if pleasant tunes, but bands that include Biblical quotes in the lyrics sheet don't tend to attract positive attention in a market that is virulently anti-Christian.

This album is packed with decent riffs (Sabbath inspired -- never saw that one coming) and pleasant grooves, but with just a little extra effort they could be great rather than just 'nice'. The vocal performance is passable, but little more than what one could expect from a traditional doom band. There are some riffs that could be considered great, but too infrequent to affect the rating, and offset by the number of filler material.

The past year has seen some stunning albums emerge across the doom spectrum, and traditional doom has seen some stunning albums from newcomers such as Doomraiser and Thrown. Consequently, there is little reason to indulge in an album that is little more than average, except for a doom metal completist.

[As an aside, the accompanying booklet was badly mis-stapled and several pages failed to print properly, resulting in blurred lyrics -- I'm not sure whether I was unlucky or whether this affects all pressings. If the latter, hopefully it will be sorted out on subsequent printings.]

Contact: http://www.ihate.se

(article published 22/6/2008)

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