Boltdown - _Omnicide_
(Dark Balance, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Boltdown proclaim to be performing thrash metal, citing Pantera, Machine Head and Metallica as influences. Anyone who was a teen during the '80s will laugh at their claim, and I'm not about to enter into a debate about whether this can be considered thrash, but will instead describe their sound and leave it to the reader to decide whether it sounds like thrash.

_Omnicide_ is a combination of groove-infected passages, occasional thrash melodies and metalcore breakdowns. An album firmly rooted in the modern metal slipstream, it nonetheless packs sufficient aggression, complexity and old-school touches to ensure an audience way beyond mallrats with bad haircuts. Vox are the usual throat lacerating variety, although higher-pitched Trivium-style vocals are adopted for the last two songs. This shift is inexplicable as these songs do not otherwise differ significantly from the preceding eight numbers (with the exception of the instrumental "Solitude" -- no relation to the Black Sabbath song) and this vocal style is just annoying and overwrought.

It should be patently clear that there are many bands indulging in a similar style, but Boltdown's attempt is solid enough to hold its own against many other up and comers.


(article published 17/6/2008)

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