Bisclaveret - _Amalgame_
(Zoharum, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (4 out of 10)
Sadly this is not so much the sequel to _Psyche noMine_, an album which has grown on me with the passage of time, but rather an album of remixes by other artists in the Polish Zoharum collective, including synta[XE]rror, Moan and Horologium. There are three remixes each of "Insane in God" and "Ritual of All-Embracing Madness" from _PnM _ (2006) and two versions of "Duch Moj" from _Aegro Somnia_ (2001). The middle track is a new one, "All Things Lost", with input from Loverdozed. I cannot speak as to "Duch Moj" original, but the two tracks from _PnM_ were eerie numbers with mesmeric soundscapes, punctuated by piano passages and wrapped within an occult gauze.

Bisclaveret have proven their worth on _PnM_, and what little I have heard of the other participants suggests that they too are capable at creating ambience of note. But remixing or re-imagining Bisclaveret tracks is not the best use of their talents and the songs tend to be repetitive and lacklustre post-industrial jaunts, far removed from the moody constructions they originally were. Also included is a video of (the original) "Insane in God", but this just serves to remind one how good they were at creating disturbing ritual atmospheres. This may appeal to those who enjoyed Ulver's _1992-2002: 10 Years in the Machines_ but I would wait for the next proper album from Bisclaveret.

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(article published 8/6/2008)

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