Nonpoint - _Vengeance_
(Bieler Bros, 2200)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
One may be tempted to assume that Nonpoint is aimed at children. The cover picture of the band as cartoonish street thugs is practically tailor made to reinforce the notion that nu-metal is the preserve of those who were collecting Pokemon cards a few ball hairs ago. And who else but alienated fourteen year olds would appreciate lyrics such as "burn this city to the ground" ("Vengeance") or "I'm gonna drop you / I'm gonna stomp you... I'm gonna stomp you / that'll be the end of you" ("Everybody Down")?

I am being a bit too harsh, as most of the lyrics stay away from such juvenilia and are not as urban as the poor choice of cover art would suggest -- in fact they incorporate a southern groove into several of their songs (especially "Bring Me Down") and possess a melodic side that takes the edge off bludgeoning nu-metal. _Vengeance_ is fairly varied from the rock ballad "Breathe" through to the anthemic "Wake Up World", destined to be a live favourite. The music is expertly complemented by Elias Soriano's raspy yet melodic voice, quite different from the usual knuckle dragging shouts. In conclusion yes, they lurk within the much-maligned nu-metal universe, but avoid its pseudo urban excesses, resulting in a fairly listenable album.


(article published 8/6/2008)

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