Arcadia - _Cold Cold Bodies_
(Valery Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
_Cold Cold Bodies_ starts with a muted voice imploring the listener to "turn down the volume". To hear this intro one has to turn up the volume, resulting in the second track "She's Got a Knife" blasting out of the stereo, which presumably was the intention. Amusing in the same way as a thumb tack on a chair, but at least the rest of the album stays far away from such juvenilia on the twelve remaining tracks of thrashy metalcore.

Do not be misled by online descriptions of them as "industrial thrash". Perhaps that was true of their debut album, but this is no more industrial than Deicide is black metal. The guitar possesses a rolling tone more commonly associated with the dregs of nu-metal, but it does work in this context, although rarely providing anything beyond basic barre chord progressions, frequently settling into a groove. Melody is restrained, although it does come to the fore occasionally such as on "She's Got a Knife". Some clean vocals do surface intermittently but these are horrible and are best discarded.

It's an entertaining entrant and as far as emerging metalcore sounds go, Italy seems to be holding its own.


(article published 8/6/2008)

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