Velonnic Sin - _Ophidious_
(Serum Vaelorum Productions, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
The sophomore album of the USBM duo Velonnic Sin is centred on the mythology of the snake, as experienced by cultures as diverse as the raiding Vikings, ancient Greeks and Judeo-Christianity. (I shall leave it to the reader to insert their own Freudian reference.)

This diverse approach is not adopted for their excursions, which stay to the safe and tested formula of inexorably relentless black metal with a strong dose of 'norsecore'. This is part of the problem; the sound is way too trebly, and a bit more bass would have provided greater depth. There is also a tendency for songs to drag on for too long. The combination of the two results in a sense of sameness, and once the final note of the third track fades away, one is left with the feeling that there is nothing more that they can offer. On a more positive note, the drumming is amongst the best I have heard in the genre.

If this album had a better production, it could easily have gained an extra point, but it is simply too mediocre to elevate the band into the elite of USBM.


(article published 11/6/2008)

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