Avsolutized - _Den Svarta Nandans Genealogi_
(Neinsphere, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Do not be misled by the title; Avsolutized are a Japanese band despite the Scandinavian (Swedish?) title. The lyrics are in English, a related tongue, although this has less to do with sounding 'kvlt' and more to do with accessibility.

_Den Svarta Nandans Genealogi_ is better regarded as an EP, as it contains just two songs with a collective length of twenty minutes, if a passable Setherial cover ("My Veins Are Open") and the obligatory stabs at creating atmosphere in the intro and interlude are excluded.

Avsolutized are located firmly within the Nordic darkness, albeit with a fairly unique atmosphere that recalls post-_Vilosophie_ Manes. There is a brief and supremely unsuccessful attempt at clean vocals -- apart from being horribly out of key, the vocalist sounds as if he is trying to go beyond what he is capable of, but otherwise indulges in vocal histrionics, ranging from screams that will have Dani Filth seething with envy, through to guttural murmurings.

Their material is still rough around the edges and in need of further refinement, but their reasonably unique atmosphere and vocal acrobatics suggest Avsolutized may yet evolve into the Japanese response to northern black metal that Sigh once were.

Contact: http://www.avsolutized.com

(article published 11/6/2008)

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