Sonne Hagal - _Jordansfrost_
(Luftschutz Entertainment / Tesco, 2008)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (9 out of 10)
Sonne Hagal possess the wonderful ability of creating very subtle and movingly simple music that is silent like a whisper, but not likely to make you snooze. Their back catalogue has already introduced us to some splendid neofolk (be sure to direct your undivided attention to _Nidar_ and _Helfahrt_) and _Jordansfrost_ is no drawback.

The recording sessions involved pretty much everyone important on today's neofolk scene, from In Gowan Ring's B'eirth to Of the Wand and the Moon's Kim Larsen and Waldteufel's Markus Wolff. It still is a solid release: despite numerous guest appearances, _Jordansfrost_ does sound like one coherent piece of work that deserves quite a few consecutive listens. The album is heavy on acoustic guitars, words are sung and gently hummed in German and English, violin and piano resound, all of those in the best tradition of good old Death in June, Forseti and Darkwood. Sonne Hagal even rearrange a famous German folk tune -- and sure, we have listened to "Totentanzlied" in many different versions, but this is a notable one indeed, beautifully sung in Markus Wolff's distinctive voice, backed by militaristic percussion and accordion.

As the trademark of Sonne Hagal is a peculiar type of calmly dirgeful atmosphere, it is with great pleasure that we note its presence -- _Jordansfrost_ is a most graceful Apocalypse and easily one of the most impressive neofolk albums you're likely to come across this year.


(article published 25/5/2008)

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