Demiurg - _The Hate Chamber_
(Mascot Records, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
You can go ahead and label me a hypocrite if you want to. I know that with a fairly consistent regularity, I have and will in likelihood continue to criticise bands for not making the slightest attempt at forging a unique sound; but there are exceptions, and Demiurg most definitely fall into that category. Sure their debut, _Breath of the Demirug_, may have played out like a spirited take on early Edge of Sanity and Bolt Thrower, and their sophomore effort is no exception. The thing is though -- these guys have x-factor up the yin-yang. It's literally oozing from the pores of "The Apocalyptic"'s rollicking mid-tempo stomp. To his credit, Rogga Johansson -- Demiurg's chief-in-charge of songwriting -- whether unwittingly or not, knows when to drop in the odd leftfield nugget or tweak, however slightly, a tried and tested formula. It makes for an album that, despite some fairly obvious self-imposed limitations, is surprisingly engaging. The conceptual element falls a little flat, given that Johansson's vocals are almost entirely unintelligible; but let's face it, since when has death metal been about the lyrics?


(article published 25/5/2008)

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