Korinth - _Sign of Eternal Return_
(Construct.Destruct.Collective, 2008)
by: Andreas Marouchos (7 out of 10)
_Sign of Eternal Return_ is a gloomy and evocative musical tapestry artfully poised within the dark ambient genre. The diffusing soundscapes that Korinth weave are particularly conductive in conjuring images of melancholic desolation with a permeating sense of dread. Although there is an orchestral feel to the album, it's not quite as triumphantly Wagnerian or stratocratic as Sophia, tending to be more subtle in its arrangements.

The single composition that comprises the album develops upon strata of lingering chants, droning sounds and an underlying mesh of cacophonous effects including clashing metal and rumbling frequencies. Actually, "develop" is really a loose word in this context, since compositionally the track's progression never reaches any form of resolution, it remains veiled in its own mystical aura without ever transgressing towards an outlet for the increasing tension. And this in itself is most befitting, given the non-linear nature of the album's adopted Nietzschean theme of "eternal return", but at the same time it imposes a sort of musical homogeneity on the track that drags on for a tad too long even for this kind of music. Not a terribly impressive effort, but if anything, it's a captivating piece of dark ambient.

Contact: http://constructdestroy.com/

(article published 25/5/2008)

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