AX - _Glare of Autumn_
(RuneFire Records, 2008)
by: Andreas Marouchos (6 out of 10)
_Glare of Autumn_: yeap you've guessed it, with a more than alluding album title, AX concocts its own rendering of Drudkh-esque imagery and the first tribute of sorts to the Slavic black metallers that has come to my attention. It is comprised of five songs that are actually quite enjoyable, but inadvertedly only just whet the appetite for the "real deal" after a while.

In case you have yet to be introduced to Drudkh's catalogue, this platter of endearing, melancholically driven compositions might just sound like something out of the ordinary; the ebbing melodies and endearing solos already guarantee a placing above the regular drab. Yet for all its paced, harmonically engaging and effulgent thematics, AX pays dearly for its zealous, undeviating adherence to the original blueprints. Any sort or even subtle hint of authenticity soon gives way to bland repetition many a time and the formulaic predictability of the overall song structures enervates the final outcome irrevocably.

Although drawing inspiration from a seminal source, this EP's musical imprint remains unassuming and trapped in its own self-limiting compositional framework; a mere ersatz of the Ukrainian outfit's romanticism which perhaps could've fared a more apt presence as an abstract influence on some other release of theirs. I suppose seen as a tribute it most definitely serves its purpose, but otherwise scores poorly on the interest ratings.


(article published 11/5/2008)

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