Dark Suns - _Grave Human Genuine_
(Prophecy Productions, 2008)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Reportedly fresh off two tours with Pain of Salvation (whose bassist Kristoffer Gildenlöw plays on this album), Dark Suns now deliver their third full-length, _Grave Human Genuine_ a title apparently made up of three words the band chose to describe their music. Atmospheric progressive metal -- and I employ the term loosely -- is probably how that will translate for most listeners, though fortunately Dark Suns remain free of the negative traits commonly associated with such a description. They make no excuses for their expansive song structures, but they are more about atmosphere than displays of great technical skill. The more evident technical touches come from the drum kit, with polyrhythmic elements frequently on display. Dark Suns certainly go through a wide variety of musical and emotional approaches in their songs; not all equally successful, but they remain able to maintain a strong flow.

Some may find the at times peculiar singing hard to get into, as the kind of intimate approach found in the start of "Thornchild", for instance, does take some getting used to. The vocals are by no means a weak point however, and their uniqueness does not harm the music. While the crescendo on "Rapid Eyes Moment" and the sudden outburst followed by acoustics on "The Chameleon Defect" shows quite how damn good _Grave Human Genuine_ can get, the album tends to lack some of that intensity, which might have transported it to a different level. Still an album well worth investing some time into if you have an interest in somewhat dark, progressive music.

Contact: http://www.prophecyproductions.de

(article published 11/5/2008)

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