Ezurate - _An Ending to Revelations_
(Rotting Corpse Records, 2008)
by: Alexandra Erickson (7.5 out of 10)
When I first studied the album cover and insert, I'll say that I approached with caution. Corpse paint reigns supreme, and I have reservations about the make-up, even on the most seasoned and well-proven black metal hellions. And as someone who is pretty notorious for taking most US black metal with a rather large grain of salt, I can admit when bands release material that rally the troops for war, and I'm overjoyed to find that spirit deep in Ezurates latest release, _An Ending to Revelations_.

Though not exclusively raw and crunchy black metal in the least, there's an overall atmosphere of doom and abysmal hate that envelops every track. Interspersed with acoustic interludes and adept intros, an appreciation for traditional heavy metal guitars is exercised with precision. Almost every track (almost save for a melodic, instrumental track tossed in) is ripped to shreds by machine-gunning drummer, Marbas. A heavy influence of pure satanic death metal in its most virginal (no pun intended) form casts a heavy shadow on the album, finding an impressive balance with the blackened chasms. Chugging deep periods that call for nothing short of fists in the air and heads banging comprise a good length of the effort, guitars wailing and drums annihilating, leaving eardrums bleeding.

While the album can get repetitive at times, it doesn't lose the listener. Brutal in every aspect, evil and brooding as a whole, _An Ending to Revelations_ still manages to throw out melodies and instrumental skill and very clean, tight production not often found in most metal to begin with. I don't know that Ezurate has changed my outlook on USBM (and its crossover brethren) but their newest release is a bright spot on the musical horizon for metal fans on this side of the pond.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/ezurate

(article published 27/4/2008)

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