Belphegor - _Bondage Goat Zombie_
(Nuclear Blast, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (5 out of 10)
Beelzebub only knows what Belphegor were smoking when they dreamt up the songs that make up this steaming loaf. Having set expectations sky-high with _Pestapokalypse VI_, the Austrian trio’s seventh record pays scant reference to its predecessor's brutal, Morbid Angel-inspired riffing or its ability to conjure thoroughly immersive, brooding atmospheres. Instead, what we're given here often skirts of the fetid borders of Dissection's _Reinkaos_, and when it does turn up the voltage it's thoroughly unconvincing. Only a surprisingly interesting instrumental introduction on "Armageddon's Raid" saves it from being a totally gormless mess. For the most part, _Bondage Goat Zombie_ (what's up with that name, by the way?) rarely levitates above being dull and uninspired.


(article published 27/4/2008)

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