Ebonmortis - _Reconstruction by Force_
(Rotting Corpse, 2007)
by: Alexandra Erickson (5 out of 10)
The easiest way to sum up Chicago based Ebonmortis' _Reconstruction by Force_ is simply brutal, super speedy, crunchy death metal with blackened vocals. Tearing and utterly wailing guitar work adds a ton of technicality and artistry to the album. Contrasted with chuggy breakdowns and the standard testosterone fueled hardcore vocals, _Reconstruction by Force_ seems to contradict itself with where it's going at times. Sometimes feeling like some new pseudo-Scandinavian black metal experiment gone a little mainstream, other times feeling like it's standard American Midwest death metal, and still at others the aforementioned thrashtastic guitar solos on a few of the tracks are a direct call back to 1985 black denim and white high top days.

For what it's worth, the record definitely conveys an appreciation for metal as a whole, and it pulls from every aspect of the music. It's pretty standard death metal with a ton of traditional hardcore influences. The vocals run the gambit from the higher pitched thrash-speak to black metal wails, but stay almost exclusively to deep death metal rising up into hardcore chants. This isn't an album for purists but for crossover fans, and for the typical metal listener, Rotting Corpse found a good one with Ebonmortis. _Reconstruction by Force_ definitely will satiate the appetite of young metal fans everywhere.

Contact: http://www.rottingcorpserecords.com

(article published 27/4/2008)

7/13/2008 C Drishner 3.5 Ebonmortis - Reconstruction by Force
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