War for War - _Kovy Odjinud_
(Naga Productions, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
It appears that Lord Morbivod (War for War's sole member, mainman of Stiny Plamenu and one third of Trollech) does not favour sunlight, as he has retreated back into subterranean worlds after being dragged above ground for Trollech. But whilst Stiny Plamenu were content to keep rats company in Praha's sewers, War for War focus on the Stribro mines and is even dedicated to the local miners association. Apparently, this is a thematic departure for War for War, as well as sounding different to previous albums, and although I have not heard them, this is not a positive development.

War for War now sound very similar to Stiny Plamenu in sound, possessing a similar guitar tone and production. It would be naïve to expect a great departure; after all, they share a member. But the only significant difference is the approach, which is also the source of this album's greatest weakness. Stiny Plamenu were at heart an old-school black metal band -- not for nothing did they release several albums on Barbarian Wrath -- whilst War for War is more eclectic in approach, resulting in rather disjointed songs. To be absolutely fair, there are some decent riffs, ranging from heavy metal riffs through to more blackened runs, but contained within clumsily constructed songs that negate their impact.

Interestingly, Morbivod also pays tribute to Czech legends Master's Hammer with "Vykoupeni", as well as on "Sen O Master's Hammer" ("Dream About Master's Hammer"), and all lyrics are entirely in Czech, but since Czech may as well be Fanagalo, Morbivod has graciously provided English translations -- though at this point it really does not make a difference.

Lord Morbivod's contribution to Czech black metal is overshadowed only by Root and Maniac Butcher, but perhaps the Lord is spreading himself too thin; a Trollech MCD and Stiny Plamenu album were released last year and he is involved in at least two other projects. Those were good albums any metalhead would be pleased to have in his collection, but something had to give and this is it.

Contact: http://www.warforwar.wz.cz

(article published 27/4/2008)

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