Wolok - _Servum Pecus_
(Insidious Poisoning Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
The line-up consists of Lhukkmer'thz on vox, Lord Naggaroth on strings and FX and Cypher on drums. All three members have a pedigree in French black metal; Lhukkmer'thz was the sole member of Zarach' Baal' Tharagh, whilst Lord Naggaroth is the founder of Devilish Era, who together with Cypher is part of industrial black metallers La Division Mentale.

Although primarily a raw masterwork, the ominous, despairing lunacy of the intro and outro recall the blackened atmospherics of Moevoet, whilst the numbers jammed in-between sound like Les Légions Noires in an unholy jam with an electronica-free La Division Mentale. The blurring production reinforces the notion of being immersed in a chaotic maelstrom. Strangely, the synth notes are remarkably lucid. The combination of the production and a penchant for fast rhythms results in songs that sound similar, without much variation.

It may seem that Wolok are best suited to erecting sonic constructions, and they could potentially succeed if they committed themselves fully to creating black ambient dissonance, rather than more traditional songs. Unfortunately, _Servum Pecus_ is neither, but rather a messy midpoint between the two, resulting in an album that it unsatisfactory no matter how it is approached. This is not to say it does not have its moments, but there are not enough, and frequent listens to _SP_ in its entirety are unlikely. They do have potential, but it is unrealised, and Wolok are likely to produce something that is both unique and worthwhile.

Contact: http://wolok.free.fr

(article published 27/4/2008)

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