Eternal Lord - _Blessed Be This Nightmare_
(Ferret Records, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (5.5 out of 10)
I suspect, nay I'm positive that I may have been warmer to Eternal Lord's brand of groove-laden high jinx, had my senses not been scalded by The Arcane Order's superlative _In the Wake of Collisions_ platter just a few short months ago. While cut from a similar fabric, by comparison their sophomore disc was nothing short of a textbook audio ass-whipping, glorious in its single-minded assault, and invigorating from start to finish. As it is, Eternal Lord do pack some serious muscle and the slow, droning grind of first track proper, "Get to Fuck", being broken up by a faint melody courtesy of a clean-tone guitar, is an expert take on a tried-and-tested formula. An even more overt Scandinavian tang on "Set Your Anchor" further shows off this five-piece's ability to pen a melo-death tune and not sound like complete wimps. Yet by the time by the final notes have rung out on "I, Deceiver", you can't shake the growing feeling that Eternal Lord have already shown us all they have to offer; which turns out to be not so far from the truth. Precious little of any real interest waits to be discovered past the album's half-way mark, and by the time "Blessed" rings in its conclusion, you're left with a very real sense that this band may not quite have had the creative stamina for a full-length just yet.


(article published 13/4/2008)

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