Zimmer's Hole - _When You Were Shouting at the Devil, We Were in League With Satan_
(Century Media, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
First of all, let it be said that the third Zimmer's Hole platter gets instant props for perhaps the most amusing title since Vomitory’s _Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize_. The sly poke at make-up caked glam hags, the subtle nod to black metal's spiritual forefathers -- its humour would be almost entirely lost on all but those with enough life experience under their belts to be in the know. For this fraternity Zimmer’s Hole is more a celebration than claptrap piss-take -- and given the band's credentials as former members of Strapping Young Lad and Dark Angel, there’s no doubting their sincerity either.

Thankfully for us, when they're not busy listening to Venom records and penning such absurd lyrical overtures as "Hair Doesn't Grow on Steel" and "What’s My Name... Evil", they can whittle a heck of a tune too. Now thoroughly removed from the grindcore leanings of their debut, the record kicks off with its title track -- a pummelling mishmash of power, thrash and death metal -- and only rarely lets you come up for air. After regaling us with such lines as "Exodus was fucking right / All the posers must die", it's on to "We Rule the Fucking Land", the mid-tempo chug of which bears more than a passing resemblance to Judas Priest circa _Painkiller_.

But it's the frankly stupendous "Flight of the Night Bat" that takes top honours as the track that will make you want to own this record. Managing to cram a host of disparate styles from every end of the extreme metal spectrum into two and a half minutes, set it to lyrics that are well beyond being simply absurd and still managing to make it sound coherent is no easy feat, but Zimmer’s Hole pull it off in fine style. It's slightly disappointing that proceedings never quite reach these dizzy inventive peaks again, but like a good episode of Metalocalypse (whose Nathan Explosion character makes a hilarious cameo, incidentally), it keeps you smiling right through to the end.

Contact: http://www.legionofflames.com

(article published 13/4/2008)

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