Avichi - _The Divine Tragedy_
(Numen Malevolum Barathri Records, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (7.5 out of 10)
Avichi belongs to a certain clique of bands that while not really offering anything new or revolutionary in the realm of black metal, the overall experience of listening to their creations is such that it verges on a revelation, a religious experience, a novelty. That, of course, if only listened to in the right mood, the right atmosphere set and in context of playing the album as a whole. The experience should be holistic, otherwise it's derivative.

Relying heavily on tried and used black metal distinctive emotional high toned riffs and almost incessant blasting drums as the backbone of the music, Avichi offers a darker interpretation of its music by using atypical low-growled vocals (think of the raspy vocals delivered by Alastis' vocalist or the ones executed on Samael's _Blood Ritual_ for instance, for lack of a better description) and an apocalyptic vibe that can hardly be pigeonholed or placed in any stylistic cubicle out there. The music's execution is so vitriolic and relentless that by itself generates a menacing aura of darkness and mystery. Coupled with magic(k)al, shamanic, ritual-like texts that serve like sermon lyrics, you have your own little Satanic experience, courtesy of Avichi's work.

Magic, intensity, mystery and some instrumental pieces that showcase Avichi's musicianship abilities -- all serve as appreciation rungs in the abysmal ladder one descends from above ground to the pits of Avichi's hell...or the other way around.

Contact: http://www.nmbrecords.com/

(article published 6/4/2008)

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