Eclectika - _The Last Blue Bird_
(Asylum Ruins, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (3.5 out of 10)
Contrary to what the band's moniker might suggest, there is nothing "eclectic" per se in the band's music. The musical approach is rather monolithic and mainly focuses on an extremely melodic, tempo-driven, hi-tech-ish post black metal with a dual vocal approach -- male and female.

I wouldn't go to lengths and say the music is as cliché sounding as the description above (it's better than your usual post black metal gone gothic outfits out there), however its lack of solid ideas and direction, as well as the overkill of being too synthetic and electronic in essence and less 'organic' and 'classic' in that sense, removes Eclectika's _The Last Blue Bird_ from the play-list of the avid, die-hard metal fan and brings them closer to the goth circles.

Furthermore, the unripeness of the musical ideas, and in turn their execution, is quite striking; and with all due respect, in this crowded genre of music, with an overflow of musical offerings out there, one has to really excel in order to be taken seriously by a serious 'zine, a serious writer. In that case, Eclectika leaves much to be desired, especially in the realm of self-improvement. Should anyone feel like listening to excellent keyboard work and ultra melodious "black metal", I'd suggest Cradle of Filth's early albums anytime over this, without the slightest of hesitations...


(article published 6/4/2008)

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