Sword Toward Self - _Dissolution Mantras_
(Independent, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (7 out of 10)
Albeit only a tad longer than quarter of an hour worth of playing time, _Dissolution Mantras_ serves as a fine visiting card to this Australian eclectic, prolific and talented trio, namely Sword Toward Self. Not specifically adhering to any given stylistic approach, the trio's metal oscillates from the violent to the tranquil; from brutal-metal-esque touch, to melodious, almost Gothenburg-like metal a la A Canorous Quintet (both musically and vocally) to clear vocal executions often reminiscent of Woods of Ypres' style. The crisp and full production boosts the chunky and heavy recording, and serves as yet another musical tool which allows the trio to showcase its full potential. Overall, an erratic, eclectic and quality offering from these newcomers.

P.S.: The band self proclaims its music as being "neoclassical extreme metal". This reviewer has yet to hear anything remotely neoclassical on this recording, and since the spinning of the disc is over and no alleged neoclassical elements were found, he strongly suggests the band stick with "extreme metal". There's nothing wrong with that title, especially if done tastefully and with such enthusiasm as being displayed on this short and enjoyable recording.

Contact: http://www.swordtowardself.com/

(article published 6/4/2008)

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