Space Eater - _Merciful Angel_
(I Hate Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
Much like retro-minded label-mates Hellish Crossfire, Space Eater's forte is the recreation of a beloved, classic sound; but whereas Hellish Crossfire were influenced by the grittier thrash and proto-black bands such as Sodom and Kreator, Space Eater take their cue from Testament, Agent Steel and Heathen, amongst others. As with Hellish Crossfire, originality isn't a term they are overly familiar with, but their rendition is sufficiently faithful and potent to relegate this to an irrelevancy. Chugging thrash rhythms and powerful melodies combine to create a heady retro-minded concoction, which is occasionally mitigated by the vocalist's tendency to venture into testicle-wrenching high notes a bit too often -- especially cringe-inducing on the title track.

Their take does not reach the heady heights of Hellish Crossfire, but songs such as "Bombs Away", "Deceitful Eyes" and "The One" are guaranteed frequent rotation. Those who believe that real metal ended with the end of the Nineties, only to substituted by talentless nu and black metal acts, will enjoy this -- as will anyone else who just needs some decent songs to headbang to. Not at all bad for a quintet from Serbia!


(article published 4/4/2008)

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