Siebensunden - _Teratologen_
(I Hate Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Siebensunden are best described as extreme doom, not too far removed from the post-Abruptum tendencies of Funeralium. Riffs are slow and drawn out; to call the drumming minimalist would be an understatement, and the vocals are high pitched -- think Varg Vikernes with his testicles in a death grip. This is spread over two songs with a playing time of over twenty minutes each, both introduced by bursts of static. Oh, and they are sung entirely in Swedish -- not that it really makes much difference.

As with Funeralium, this is the kind of album that one has to be interested in from the beginning. It will not appeal to those more interested in the romanticised goth doom, nor to those with an interest in traditional doom -- a traditional black metal fan is likely to be far more appreciative of their excesses. Despite the long, drawn out nature of the songs, there is a sense that they have a destination and are not simply meandering aimlessly. If this sounds like your proverbial cup of tea, then this is better than many others; but if not, repeated listens will only serve to increase irritation levels.


(article published 4/4/2008)

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