Thrown - _The Suicidal Kings Occult_
(Iron Fist Productions, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
When I first received this CD, I thought it was black metal, due to the monochromatic cover and band name in Gothic script. Common features of black metal, to be sure, but the genre's participants hardly have sole right of usage. Thrown's forte is traditional doom metal akin to Candlemass or Saint Vitus, far removed from virgin defiling odes to the Horned One.

I was further surprised to discover that this is not a traditional quartet, but a duo consisting of Swedes Crille Lundrin on bass and Pete Flesh (that's definitely not what his mother calls him!) on vocals, guitars and drums. Usually, the drums are the first to suffer, but Mr Flesh handles his instruments as expertly as the others do, even providing a brief solo on "Once More I Loose All in the Morning Mist". Their heavy, down-tuned guitars perform some of the catchiest riffs ever with almost insolent nonchalance, whilst cymbals clash all over the place. Consequently, I expected clean, clearly enunciated vocals, but was surprised with a throaty yet pleasant growl that is capable of implying a life dedicated to smoking and drinking.

Thrown's musical approach speaks to American rather than any European doom approach, but honestly, does anyone really care about their country of origin? A highly entertaining album recommended for lovers of good ol' fashioned doom.


(article published 15/3/2008)

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