Worship - _Dooom_
(Endzeit Elegies, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
To the surprise of only the terminally naïve or unforgivably stupid, Worship perform doom, the funeral strain in particular. Most of this album was recorded in 2000 and left in limbo after the unfortunate death of Fucked Up Mad Max. Co-conspirator The Doommonger resurrected the project and finalised the recordings last year.

The minimalist drumming can hardly be said to drive the music forward, but does provide the percussive backbone for heavy, trudging rhythms underlying the mournful lead guitar. Vocals are deep, but not so low pitched as to merge with the rhythm guitar. Funeral doom has been frequently maligned -- including by yours truly -- as allowing little room for variety, and the above description does not suggest any great departure from the standard formula, or even a significant variation. This is true to an extent, but Worship do push the genre's boundaries, although without stepping beyond the parameters to create an album at the top of its genre. (Only Ea's opus can provide any competition.)

It is tricky deciding exactly why this album is better than others, but a combination of acceptable production, inspired melodies and an overwhelming depressive atmosphere rank as contributing factors. Possibly the funeral doom highlight of 2007.

(The beautifully designed digipak CD is released on The Doommonger's own label, Endzeit Elegies, whilst the DLP version is available via Painiac.)

Contact: http://www.endzeitelegies.com

(article published 15/3/2008)

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