Die Pigeon Die - _Ripped from V to A_
(No Escape Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Die Pigeon Die has to be one of the best band names out there, a feeling I believe is shared by any city dweller who has encountered these retards of the avian kingdom. (When last did a robin or swallow fly into a window?)

The Antipodean grindsters are located firmly within the porno / gore school, crusted down the middle and around the edges. Unfortunately, they don't seem capable of carrying off the crass yet effective black humour of their name through to the songs, preferring to take a page out of Carcass's medical textbook on numbers such as "Unexpected Episiotomy" and "Depraved Endometrium".

Songs are expectedly brief (eleven in seventeen minutes -- do the math) and simple: I reckon the greatest complexity lies in the multi-syllabic medical terms they have an affinity for. Nonetheless, they do take a few left-field turns, even breaking into a solo on at least one occasion. A lyrics sheet isn't included, although that would have greatly assisted the decoding of the indecipherable growls, especially some unusual vocals, which sound like a bubbling cauldron, almost as if he is gargling whilst behind the mike. Definitely an acquired taste. Also included is a Flesh Parade cover ("'Bout Had It"); I haven't heard the original, so I'm in no position to compare.

Overall, Die Pigeon Die made a favourable impression, but not so favourable that _Ripped from V to A_ will win over those yet to be converted to the sick art of grindcore.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/diepigeondie

(article published 15/3/2008)

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