Eibon la Furies - _Yours Truly... Eibon la Furies... From Hell_
(Ministry for Infernal Affairs, 2007)
by: Andreas Marouchos (8 out of 10)
You might be forgiven if, given their moniker and Victorian nods, you thought that this very EP is nothing more than a bland exercise in gothic romanticism. But alas, how gravely mistaken you would be! As a matter of fact, the only thing remotely gothic are the sporadically cropping operatic female vocals, which are far from your typical Cradle of Filth worship, and the fascination the band seems to have with Jack the Ripper.

As far as atmosphere is concerned, well, the jury is still out on that one: think mid-late Dodheimsgardian black metal avantgardeisms colliding with vintage Arcturus-esque baroqueness in mid-air and collapsing unto a set of Victorian theatrics -- and then some. Its simplistic overall concept is a bit of a let-down and self-limiting though, which also bears on the lyrical side of the songs -- I mean there's not a lot you can say about their thematic protagonist (apart from speculations on his -purported- infernal origins and, well, the fact that he was quite pissed off with the female sex for some Oedipal reason) now is there?

Be that as it may, black metal here is definitely not of the conventional kind, and surprisingly, although seemingly pretentious at first sight, more than simply a catalytic medium for their intended aesthetics. The blistering guitar work, when combined with cello and keyboard swaths that mainly comprise the musical set-up of this offering, wove a wholesome contrapuntal texture that sets the music on strong foundations. The three instrumentals in addition also further the morbid aura of the EP in new artistic territory. What's even more delightfully promising is the effortless way in which songs swerve between dramatic cadence and harsh, musical excursions of majestic black metal with exhilarating unpredictability, hinting towards an unconstrained artistic temperament with a firm grasp on its art of choice -- but I wouldn't even dare compare them with the mighty Devil Doll just yet... Oh well *cough* I'm blabbering again so I might as well reserve my would-be accolades for what's yet to surely come from this intransigent yet pleasing outfit. Recommended.

Contact: http://www.eibonlafuries.co.uk/

(article published 11/3/2008)

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