Anachronaeon - _As the Last Human Spot in Me Dies_
(Stygian Crypt, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
This is the re-release of Anachronaeon's 2004 demo. Their previous two demos were released under the name of Human Failure, but the band then changed their name to the more enigmatic Anachronaeon for the recording of their third and final demo, which has been re-released by Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions. Presumably, this will act as an aperitif for their debut full-length, _The New Dawn_ which has already been recorded.

It is to the band's credit that if I was not aware of its status as a demo, I would not have considered it as one. Firstly, the sound is above decent, and even though it is probably re-mastered, re-mastering alone would not be able to salvage abysmal recordings. Secondly, the cover picture and booklet looks professional and has been designed by Waldemahr Smerdulak, who has provided artwork for numerous Slavic bands, such as Infestum, Arcanar and Karcinoma. (As far as I can tell, his work for this Swedish band Anachronaeon is his first for an act outside Eastern Europe.) Thirdly, it is long enough to be a full-length album. And finally, this is actually pretty damn good, especially as they perform "dark metal", a term which is much abused to refer to a wide variety of rubbish, ranging from HIM styled gothic rock through to the more accessible romantic death/doom hybrids and female fronted projects such as Tristania.

Anachronaeon are none of the above, providing a fairly technical yet melodic and accessible release. The Swedes tend to have an innate ability to meld aggression with melody; however, it doesn't sound particularly Swedish, but more akin to their Finnish cousins such as Sentenced in their invocation of melancholic melodiousness. Light growls predominate, although the clean vocals are actually competent and sound emotive without being overwrought. There is still much room for improvement, however. The lead guitar draws out some of the most evocative passages ever heard, such as on "The English Wizard", whilst the solo on "The Amulet" is simply superb.

Aggressive, atmospheric, emotive, melodic... all are apt, often simultaneously, and barring a premature break-up, Anachronaeon have a bright future ahead.


(article published 15/3/2008)

1/15/2009 Q Kalis 7.5 Anachronaeon - The New Dawn
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