Absurd Conflict - _Absurd Conflict_
(Zero Budget Productions, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Absurd Conflict are a Czech death metal band that have been around for a decade and have apparently attained cult status in their homeland, possibly due in part to being as proliferous as Thorns. Available only on vinyl, _Absurd Conflict_ is divided between studio material _Point of Crisis_ and Live Crisis_, which to no one's surprise, consists of a live performance.

_Point of Crisis_ is a four track studio promo recorded in 2003. Absurd Conflict are as technical as they are melodic, weaving both aspects together to form a powerful sound that is not wanting for aggression or complexity; but despite being solid numbers, they can hardly be considered groundbreaking.

_Live Crisis_ unsurprisingly consists of a live performance, including live versions of three of the previous songs and a new song, "No Solution Equation". Although they are heavier and more aggressive, the vocals on the live tracks are not very effective; perhaps the vocalist was having an off day? The vocals on the preceding studio songs were an effective light growl, but here he sounds horrible and out of key -- and a bit too much like black metal pranksters Blackthrone. The live recording is far from perfect, but all other aspects pale into insignificance against these cringe-inducing vocals.

Whether seen as a promo or an EP, _Point of Crisis_ is consistently decent and much better than most other bands whose descriptions include the "melodic" prefix. However, _Live Crisis_ is a B-side in every sense and disappointing for a band who apparently built a reputation on their live performances.

Contact: http://www.absurdconflict.com

(article published 15/3/2008)

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