Saattue - _Jäähyvästi_
(Spikefarm, 2008)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (7 out of 10)
Saattue are yet another gloomy offspring of the ever prolific Finnish scene -- and a worthy addition as well. The band themselves dub their style "saatto metal"; behind this definition one is to find a peculiar rerun of the British doom formula crafted by the likes of Anathema and My Dying Bride.

And while their musical tales of grief and misery might not be frightfully original, it is obvious the execution is great, songwriting is quite decent and _Jäähyvästi_ guarantees a good listen, especially if one is in the mood for some genuine Nordic melancholy. Though the suitably heavy and slow riffs are abundant, melodic leads and acoustic guitar passages help to introduce the much needed dynamics, creating a real backbone for this record. Vocals also play a vital part -- the obligatory guttural death rasp is only used sparsely, while not-so-impressive but nevertheless emotional clean vocals (both male and female) dominate the record. The tracks are lengthy and somewhat epic, sounding like mid-era Amorphis, with a very slight touch of darkened folk to underline the murky atmosphere.

Darkened pieces like the eight minute long "Vieraaseen multaan" and the eleven minute opus "Varjojen saattue" are a recommended treat for any lover of doom delights. And bear in mind this is only Saattue's proper debut, so there might just be even better albums ahead.


(article published 11/3/2008)

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