Makina - _Chorizo_
(Discos Manicomo, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
From Mexico City (my old stomping grounds) comes Makina, a powerhouse death/thrash metal outfit that plays their music like there is no tomorrow. What is interesting about this CD is that it acts as an intro to the band (a series of questions and answers by band members, in English and Spanish) and a few select choice cuts (five in total) from the band's album, _Red_. It's interesting to hear the band speak about the origin of the band (formed in 1990), themes of songs and their future plans as a metal band. To note: the band has opened numerous shows in Mexico City for big named metal acts in the past few years and it seems as though that experience and band growth has allowed their music to strengthen itself. And how is the music of Makina? Pretty good and most importantly, it shreds when it has to. While the band relies heavily on standard thrash metal riffs, death-like growls, and drum beats, it's the unique pairing of groove and violent spurts of anger/intensity that help make the band's material stand out. I liked the title track, "Red", due to its explosive opening. It is hard to actually judge the band on just a few songs (ahem... a full copy of _Red_ would be nice, guys...) but if I had to pass judgment on this band from what I know of them now, I would have to say that Makina provides us with great music. Heavy and worth a listen.

Contact: Makina, P.O. Box 763 Admon 11

(article published 14/7/1997)

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