Spiculum Iratus / Bestial Incarnation - _Monuments of Decimation_
(Baneful Genesis Records, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (2.5 out of 10)
Ah, what can I say about this bemusing recording, really? That it verges on being a joke? That the recording is so poor, I've heard demo tapes from the Eighties that sounded better? That the musical contents of this split in terms of originality, execution and song writing is practically nil? All this and much more...

Spiculum Iratus opens with an intriguing prelude courtesy of Nostalgia (the industrial / dark ambient / experimental one-man outfit), but horrendously this is the best moment offered by this amateurish bunch. The band's sound is extremely thin and unintentionally ethereal, even goofy. The execution of the music is loose and lacks both power and dynamics (or is it the production that virtually kills the music here?) and the songwriting skill is almost absent.

The other sibling to this not very good split, namely Bestial Incarnation, is also the more prolific of the pair. Their sound is fuller and thicker, the musical display tighter, and they show more variation and technical abilities in terms of drum work and mild melancholia generated by the guitars. The vocals are slightly processed and add that sinister and semi-industrial touch to the overall sound, which is good in the context of Bestial Incarnation's music. Their tracks are much better displayed and arrayed, and ultimately this half contains better music than the first (and I'm not even going to mention the notion of originality, a quality of which both bands are strikingly in shortage).

I wouldn't go crazy at purchasing this split even if only for Bestial Incarnation's five long tracks. Albeit it portrays a better, more creative band, it remains in the context of comparison to Spiculum Iratus' "contribution" to this split, which is utterly (and sadly) awful. Avoid if you can; I would, if I were you.

Contact: http://www.banefulgenesis.com/

(article published 25/2/2008)

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