Aigro Mucifelam - _Lost Sounds Departure_
(Insidious Poisoning, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (0.5 out of 10)
Okay, so the opening track begins with something that sounds like a guy snorting cocaine. The rest of the "music" is the manifestation of that drug-induced trip. Not that I know anything about how this trip feels or what visions does it induce; I know however a little bit about music, and good music at that. This is neither.

Metal music is the best excuse I know of for people who are absolutely devoid of any skills or talent, or both, to create their musical excrement. (There is noise as well, of course. But the noise genre never boasted or claimed to be music, per se.) Otherwise I wouldn't understand why this pure garbage was being released. Apparently this was recorded some six or seven years ago and now Insidious Poisoning Records thought it would be a good timing to release this "hidden gem" on CD (I hear there are plans to issue this on vinyl as well...).

What is on display here is an almost cacophonous, relentless, two-chord black metal with amateurish, one-dimensional drumming and poorly recorded blazing guitars that employ those watery and cliché repetitive, "emotive" black metal riffs, which every other band in that raw stylistic approach executes (that is, on the occasion you can actually hear what's going on behind the wall of noise).

There's not much more to say here as the whole recording sums itself up even before the first track ends. This is probably what happens when you snort angel dust. Avoid if you can.


(article published 25/2/2008)

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