Hexperos - _The Garden of the Hesperides_
(Equilibrium Music, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
This Italian project was founded by Alessandra Santovito (voice, flute) and Francesco Forgione (double bass, guitar and keys). Both have an extensive résumé and have apparently been involved in numerous classical and jazz formations, but only Alessandro’s former involvement with Gothica, who released two albums on the highly respected Cold Meat Industry label, is likely to have any resonance or interest for our beloved readers.

Harp and violins are used, but the true highlight of this album is Alessandra's soprano voice -- make no mistake, the girl can sing! I can't understand the purpose behind the subdued production; presumably, this is to aid the creation of an ethereal air, but is incredibly annoying as I am forced to turn up the volume. The music is soothing enough to lull one to sleep (in a positive manner, I should hasten to add) -- just make sure that a Vader CD is not next in line in the CD shuttle, otherwise a rude awakening may result!

Their neoclassical leanings are not as accomplished as label mates Dwelling, nor as devastatingly minimalist as Íon, but Hexperos have carved out their niche in neoclassical with their sombre interpretation. This may or may not come with the passage of time and the accumulation of experience, but at the moment, they have left us with a demo CD that is sufficiently accomplished, and will appeal to fans of everyone from Íon through to All My Faith Lost.

Contact: http://www.hexperos.com

(article published 16/2/2008)

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