Drudkh - _Anti-Urban_
(Supernal Music, 2007)
by: Alexandra Erickson (8.5 out of 10)
18:02 of raw, ethereal and purely hypnotic music. Released in limited quantities to Supernal Music's own legions, _Anti-Urban_, a two-track vinyl, would create a strong demand no matter how large the number released climbed to. Menacing yet poignant, it harkens a strong call back to the doomy melodic roots of Drudkh's 2003 release, _Forgotten Legends_.

Always sounding as though they're going to reach a precipice of melody and fall back into a raw black metal abyss, both tracks "Fallen Into Oblivion" and "Ashes" are epic to say the very least. Devoid of any synthesizers or obnoxious over-melodic instruments, the eminent guitar work gives flesh to the skeletal drums. Averaging nine minutes a piece, the songs are almost enough to be called cathartic, evoking so much raw emotion and pulling back into nothing but that sludge and drone that so many Drudkh fans lost when they released their more folk-inspired works.

Let us hope that this work can inspire the hordes of young bands worldwide to achieve a sound anywhere in the same stratosphere as _Anti-Urban_. If they can, they will satiate a hunger that needs to be quelled in black metal. For fans of Russia's Walknut, listen to this and you will soon appreciate where their sound was cultivated.

Contact: http://www.supernalmusic.com

(article published 16/2/2008)

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