Brain Drill - _Apocalyptic Feasting_
(Metal Blade Records, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (9 out of 10)
If you've been keeping up to date with metal goings-on over the course of the last six months, you'd most likely have noticed that the buzz around Brain Drill has been as thick as the stench of cheap perfume at a strip club. That Metal Blade scrambled over themselves to sign the Californian quartet and are putting a fair amount of their marketing muscle behind pushing the band's debut is thus no surprise. But lest the cynical approach this band in the same fashion that some did Metal Blade's other major death metal signing, Job for a Cowboy, be rest assured that the differences between the two are vast. Firstly, there's drummer Marco Pitruzzella, who boasts a respectable amount of street cred, given previous stints with Vital Remains and Vile. Equally stunning is Jeff Hughell's prowess on his bass guitar, and though not as seasoned as Pitruzzella, his ten-figure tapping technique -- reportedly a first for any genre -- is something that the Guitar World crowd at the very least will be creaming themselves over for years to come.

This superhuman technical proficiency spurts into overdrive virtually from the get-go, and if the metallic mushroom cloud that is "The Parasites" fails to convince, then the hyperspeed shredding of "Swine Slaughter" certainly will. But Brain Drill are also a hack, stab and several slashes above being your standard tech-death gore merchants. While titles like "Force-Fed Human Shit" might suggest otherwise, Brain Drill have songwriting skills on a par with the deft manner in which they abuse their instruments. At a constantly blistering pace throughout, each track is imbued with enough groove and outright catchiness to keep things highly entertaining. If _Apocalyptic Feasting_ is anything to go by, death metal is about to have itself a vintage year.


(article published 3/2/2008)

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